Finally getting to watch a gundam anime. I know most of the One year war, Titans, Axis Shock from the SRW games so I can tackle Unicorn just fine I think.


I finally figured out how to make animated gifs! :D


I finally figured out how to make animated gifs! :D



The Best (or worst) of Gundam-Featuring: Bright Noa pt.2

hi i’m late

but yeah i’m actually responsible for three of these (‘the fuck is this/that’ and carpal tunnel)

Do you think Bright ever made that chicken into a delicious sandwich


PG 1/60 00 Raiser “Return the World” - Diorama
by Yutaka MACHIDA
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This is absolutely amazing.


The universe is a new environment, which will compel mankind to change. If the first stage in mankind’s evolution was his evolution from an ape to a human, and the second stage was his breakthrough from feudalism to the rational science of the Renaissance, then the third will be his transformation into a new type of human, a man with profound sensitivity and insight and a far greater awareness of the vastness of time and space.

The transition to Newtypes will be a natural one. The act of walking increased mankind’s range of movement and helped the concept of tribe and nation-state to develop. Powered vehicles expanded man’s awareness to a global level. And now civilization is advancing into outer space. By living and working in space, man’s consciousness will transcend the boundaries of Earth and become truly universal. The vastness of space will be “home.” And as man’s consciousness expands, he will begin to tap the unutilized portions of his cerebrum - the over half of his brain cells unused since time immemorial, the enormous untapped mental reserves given by God precisely for the new environment of space. And when this happens, man will change. Man will become a more enlightened, refined, and compassionate being. It is space - the act of living in an extraterrestrial environment - that will act as the trigger.

O people of space! Now is the time to awaken! To realize your latent potential! We are at the dawn of a transformation of mankind. A true enlightenment of the human race. And we may finally be poised, ready to transcend what has always been thought the impossible - infinite space, and time itself. This is no idle dream. To live in a new universe, man must transcend the psychological limitations of his old environment! -Zeon Zum Deikun


Taken from the Mobile Suit Gundam novelization by Yoshiyuki Tomino.

The evolution of man, according to Anime Ja Nai:

Chimp carved out of burnt wood

Ape demon

Stoned caveman